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10-year-old boy was left hospitalized and nearly killed himself ‘after drinking 6 bottles of the most popular drink in the world’!

According to the parents, their 10-year-old son Ray was playing with friends outside after having drunk the fluids when he suddenly began to exhibit distressing symptoms.


Just one hour of drinking 6 bottles of the most popular drink in the world, the boy begin to violently convulse, leading to the boy’s parents fearing the worse.

“He couldn’t control his head or arms or anything,” his dad Jeff told WIS-TV. ‘His motor functions were gone.’ Its unclear what size the bottles Ray drank were.

The doctors told the parents that the 10-year-old boy is lucky to still be alive after intoxicating on water after downing six bottles of water in under an hour amid sweltering hot temperatures.


The 10-year-old has since thankfully made a full recovery, but his parents’ warnings serve as a reminder to others over the dangers presented by the hot summer months.

His parents said in the hours before their son was hospitalized, Ray was going full throttle with his cousins, running circles around the house, a bunch of boys together, jumping on the trampoline.

However, his mom Stacy said after some time he became thirsty, and had ran inside to get himself some water. ‘What we didn’t realize how much he had got,’ she added, as it was later discovered that he had downed six bottles from 8:30 to 9:30pm.

Within an hour, his father Jeff says the boy couldn’t control his head or arms or anything, and his motor functions were gone. ‘It almost seemed like he was on drugs, drunk, or even mentally handicapped,’ mom, Stacy said. There, emergency tests were run on Ray. and it was found he was suffering from water intoxication.


The medical crisis occurs when the kidney’s can’t handle a large amount of water flooding in at once, resulting in critically low sodium levels in the blood. After some further procedures including regulating his blood with renewed sodium and potassium levels, his mother recalled that he miraculously just woke up.

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