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12 Teen THUGS Beat Man In ‘Animalistic’ Attack

A man sitting outside an Ohio gas station was beaten by a group of 12 teenagers in a brutal and unprovoked attack, Cleveland officials say.

Surveillance video captured the group arriving at the gas station — on the city’s northeast side — in stolen Kias and Hyundais at about 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 25, city officials said at a news briefing.

Several teens walk up to a man sitting against a wall and unleash a flurry of kicks and punches, video shared by officials shows. The man tries to get away, but more of the group step in, surrounding him, and he’s unable to escape.

At one point, the man is thrown into the air and body slammed onto the parking lot, video shows. Eventually, he’s able to escape by running into the store.

“I was disgusted and appalled watching the level of violence directed at someone who appears to be simply doing nothing but sitting outside of a gas station,” Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley said.

“The man is lucky to be alive,” he said, adding that after receiving medical care, “he’s doing OK.”

O’Malley was joined by a host of police and city leaders condemning the violence, including Mayor Justin Bibb.

The beating was just the beginning, according to officials.

After the victim flees the group, multiple juveniles pull out guns — one pulling a rifle out of their pants — and fire dozens of shots at someone or something down the street, O’Malley said. Police aren’t sure what the teens were firing at, but nobody was injured.

Surveillance video captured the entire incident and was shown in the police press conference.


The full video is long but I have that clip for you right here:

You can watch the full police press conference here:


I love how the police and the press always refer to them as “juveniles”.

As if they just couldn’t possibly be held accountable because they’re too young.


What I see on this video is THUG behavior!


Criminal behavior!

Credit to the Kansas City Star: “unprovoked ANIMALISTIC attack!”

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