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13-year-old child booked a cab, it ‘changed the course of her life forever after she entered his car’!

Whether they’re putting their foot down to get you to work on time or working the late shift to get you home safe from a night out, taxi drivers are a much-loved and much-needed part of everyday life.


Cabs thrive in the downtown nightlife, always a critical part of the bar-going experience. When your job is to take people around the city, you will inevitably catch a few strange and interesting stories while working. Especially when your passengers just left the bar.

Police officials praised a taxi driver, Satbir, for not only saving his young passenger from a pa-dophile but also providing them with evidence that was used in the court.

The taxi driver reportedly saved a 13-year-old girl from a pa-dophile and leading to the arrest of the offender while he had been grooming a potential victim. Satbir picked up the 13-year-old child, who was not identified due to her age, after she booked his taxi. After arriving at the destination, no-one arrived to meet her. Satbir became suspicious and he alerted a police officer who was parked nearby.


He then made a phone call to the person the girl had said was going to meet her and made recordings of the calls, which were later used as evidence in the court. He then called his wife and shared his concern before passing the phone to the girl who eventually confided in Satbir that her parents were not aware of her trip.

Police arrested a man who allegedly used an online chat software to discuss kidnapping, sedating and ra-ing victims. Several months later, 24-year-old Sam was sentenced to 5 years prison sentence for attempted abduction and distribution and making of indecent images.

The responding officers also found a rucksack containing knives, duct tape and cocodamol tablets from his home at the time of his arrest. Satbir was also presented with a certificate by the District Council for an outstanding achievement in safeguarding the community.

He saved his passenger from an unthinkable ordeal and had the presence of mind to record his calls with the would-be kidnapper, providing crucial evidence to the prosecution service.

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