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13-year-old girl who claimed 10-year-old boy made her pregnant ‘got bad news’!

Regardless of age, all parents carry excitement and anxiety when it comes to starting a family. There might be many things playing on your mind, whether around being a young mum or being a young partner.


The girl, Daria, who reportedly became pregnant at the age of 13 and claimed her 10-year-old boyfriend was the baby’s father said that she received bad news. The girl gave birth and is now experiencing several problems.

Daria reportedly said that she got bad news – her school did not allow her to return. She also said that her stepdad is allegedly abusive. The Russian teenager became pregnant at the age of 13. At the time, she claimed that her boyfriend, Sasha, who was 10 at the time, was the father.

However, after doctors pointed out that the ten-year-old was unlikely to be the biological father, Daria confessed that the real father was a 14-year old boy – who is now 16 – that r-ped her in a stairwell.
The teenager has spoken about with her social media followers about the issues she is experiencing. She claims she has not been allowed to return to study, which ruined her plans to finish school and get a good job.


The young mum claimed that the school in her town had refused to let her return to her studies because she had fallen too far behind as a result of the time she took off during her pregnancy.

She added that the school is concerned about the bad publicity that Daria’s presence might generate.
But Daria is reportedly having problems at home too, with local media claiming that her stepdad is the only one earning an income in the family and has a tendency towards abusing alcohol and hitting the teen and her mum.

Daria also claimed that her family humiliated her by calling her fat after putting she put weight on during her pregnancy. Daria has decided to help others with her successful weight loss, writing a guide for other young women who want to lose weight after pregnancy.

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