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17-Year-Old Girl Hears ‘Scratching’ And Saves Man After Finding Him Restrained And Locked In Trunk

One day, Kayla Rose, a 17-year-old girl, decided to take her dog for a walk in Irvington, New Jersey at approximately 7 am.


While walking around with her pup, whose name is Milkshake, her attention became focused on a noise that sounded like scratching.

As the scratching sound continued, the panic-stricken teenager discovered that the noise was emanating from a car’s trunk.

The car was a Nissan Altima that was parked alongside a curb.


Kayla was overcome with fear as she got closer to the rear of the car. What she was soon to discover was something she never would have imagined.

Hesitantly, she yelled out a hello.

With that, a masculine voice responded with a hello and plea for help.

Kayla immediately ran to a neighbor’s house, and then she ran to her mother. She wanted help from her neighbor, and she wanted her mother to listen to her story.


Kayla’s mother made a statement to the New York Post that indicated her daughter said it appeared as if she took part in a horror movie.

The police headed over after the neighbor contacted 911.

Inside the trunk, a man who was in his early 20s or late teens was found scratched and bruised on the head and face. Rope was holding his wrists together.

The primary fear factor in this incident was the below freezing weather and the possibility of hypothermia.


That was when the horror story was told. It was a blessing that Kayla happened to be there at that time, and instinct told her to act fast.

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