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2 men accused of breaking into Splashtown Waterpark, seen skateboarding on rides

Splashtown Waterpark in Harris County, Texas experienced a break-in on Thursday morning. Two male suspects, identified as Aaron Pullum and Kemper Brown – both 22 years old – broke into the park and were found skateboarding on the rides by deputies who responded to the incident.


The suspects were taken into custody by park security before the deputies arrived. The authorities charged both Pullum and Brown with the criminal trespass.

The incident has raised serious concerns about the security of the waterpark. Given the current precarious state of the world, there is no doubt that businesses need to take the security of their establishments seriously.

In particular, places like waterparks that attract a lot of visitors require even greater caution. The park’s management must review its security measures to ensure the safety of its visitors and the property.


The break-in incident also highlights the importance of community engagement in reducing crime. Residents should not hesitate to report any suspicious activity within their neighborhoods.

The swift response by the police and park security was instrumental in catching the suspects, and the culprits will hopefully be held accountable for their actions.

Waterparks are meant to be fun and relaxing for everyone. Incidents like this do not only threaten the safety of the park’s facilities but also put the safety of visitors at risk. The incident should serve as a wake-up call for all recreation centers to improve their security measures to guarantee the safety of their patrons. While security measures may not be 100% effective, they go a long way in deterring criminals.

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