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2-Year-Old Girl Diagnosed With Rare Stage Three Ovarian Cancer Needs Our Prayers

When cancer rears its ugly head, many believe that they’re nearing the end of their life. For two-year-old McKenna Shea Xydias, that wasn’t the case.


McKenna, the daughter of Michael and Megan, is a tenacious young spirit with an admirable zest for life.

Though McKenna is a brave little girl, her parents were gravely concerned when they noticed a bulge on her stomach.


After a visit with their pediatrician, Megan and Michael were told not to worry. According to doctors, the bulge was the result of some mild constipation.

Megan and Michael went on believing that it was mere indigestion until the school phoned home to relay some unfortunate news.

The school’s nurse informed Megan and Michael that McKenna’s fever had reached 103 and that her stomach was swelling at an alarming rate.


McKenna’s parents sought immediate medical attention. Again, they were told that McKenna’s stomach would de-swell once she passed enough gas.

Unsatisfied with this prognosis, Megan and Michael went to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Hospital.

Upon her arrival, McKenna was given an ultrasound. The doctors discovered a malignant mass growing on her ovaries. Not surprisingly, the news shattered Megan and Michael.


Megan reveals that she went blank after hearing the doctor utter the word “cancer.”

Michael was just as incredulous, stating that he couldn’t believe a two-year-old could contract ovarian cancer.

Fortunately, McKenna’s condition is very rare and doesn’t affect many children.


While the cause is unknown, parents should be wary of any unexplained swelling much like McKenna’s.

Following her diagnosis, McKenna was taken into surgery to remove the mass. Megan was happy to report that the procedure went swimmingly.

McKenna is still receiving care in the hospital, but she’s expected to return home within the coming weeks.


Megan and Michael are so proud of their courageous toddler.

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