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3-Year-Old Boy’s Life Changes After Trip To The Beach, He’s Rushed To ER And Almost Loses Toes

Going to the beach should be an adventure filled with swimming and playing in the sand. It shouldn’t be one that changes your life by being rushed to the hospital.


As much as parents try to prepare to protect their children on a beach, there some situations that they simply can’t prepare for as was what happened when Katja Wichmann took her three-year-old son to a beach one day.

The family decided to spend a day together by going to a local beach where they could enjoy a picnic and swimming in the ocean.

Katja posted the events that happened with her son while he was walking on the sand on her social media page so that other parents would be aware.


Jakob was playing in the sand and having a good time. However, his feet were burning to the point that the skin on them was beginning to come off.

There were embers from a fire from the previous night that hadn’t been completely extinguished.

Katja didn’t know that the embers were there because sand was covering what was left of the fire.


The fire hadn’t been set unintentionally. It simply hadn’t been extinguished the right way.

Since sand tends to retain heat, the embers were only getting hotter instead of going out.

When Katja finally got Jakob to the hospital, the skin on his feet was almost burned completely off. He almost lost his toes as well.

Fortunately, the emergency room doctor was able to start an antibiotic and clean Jakob’s feet.


They had the be wrapped, and he needed skin grafts to help in the healing process.

Unfortunately, people think that they can cover fire with sand and think that it will go out. Water should have been used instead.

Jakob is now an active little boy. He doesn’t like going to the beach as much as he did when he was little, but his parents are thankful that he’s alive.

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