4-Year-Old Boy Tells Mom He Remembers Her Miscarriage Where He ‘Died’ And ‘Returned’


Children say all sorts of unusual things. Most of the time, parents learn to brush off the creepy and silly statements, but you have to wonder where these thoughts originate from!

In Australia, Laura Mazza has a touching and surprising tale to share about Luca, her four-year-old son, and something odd that he said.

But first, we have to know that Luca wasn’t her first pregnancy. Several years ago, Laura was surprised by a positive pregnancy test. It was only a couple of days later that she began to experience pain and heavy bleeding.


At the time, she hadn’t understood it, but now she knows it was a miscarriage.

Shortly after that, Laura got pregnant again – and this time, she carried him to term.

That baby is now Luca.

From the moment Laura had him, she felt like it wasn’t Luca’s first time to walk the earth.

He always acts like a little old man, and he does a lot of things that are difficult to explain.

He sings along to old songs that he’s supposedly hearing for the first time, and he says a mix of wise and silly things.

Then, something happened that convinced her for sure that Luca has been here before.

Laura was giving Luca a bath one day when he asked her if they lived in Australia.

When she said yes, he said that he didn’t live there, as he lived in her tummy before.

Laura explained that he had lived in her stomach before, but now was in Australia with her.

Luca then said that he remembered living in his mom’s tummy and stated that he died in there.

Understandably, Laura was shocked by this proclamation.

After all, he was right there in front of her, so he can’t have died – something she was quick to tell him.

But he corrected her.

He said that he’d gone to her tummy and died there.

Then, he tried to find her and even went to her home and tried to get her attention, but she couldn’t hear him.

Luca said that this made him very sad, but soon after that became an angel.

But Luca’s story didn’t end there.

He went on to say that he missed Laura terribly and wanted to go back to earth to be with her, so he turned back into a baby and re-entered her tummy.

Then, he was finally successfully born – and he’s happy that he is able to grow up this time by her side and be with her!

Laura didn’t know what to say. All she could do was look at him and cry.

She and Luca had never talked about angels, or even about her past miscarriage, so him saying something like this was out of the blue and completely unexpected.

Just the day before, Laura and Luca were scheduled to get on a flight, but he dreamed that their plane crashed.

At midnight, the flight was canceled as a result of engineering difficulties that made it too dangerous – something that could have definitely caused a crash, had it gone unnoticed.

For many, this unbelievable and heartwarming story acts as a beacon of hope and light to those who have lost their own little ones and loved ones along the way.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, there’s no denying the tear-jerking effect of Luca’s story.

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