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4-Year-Old Gets Swept Away By Waves Then Terrified Mom Dives In And Pays The Final Price

Parents would do just about anything to protect their children. It is in their DNA to keep their children safe – even if it costs you your own life.

A group of people from Texas went to the beach this summer. Brandy Mosley, the mother in our story, was enjoying sun and waves at Crystal Beach when the unthinkable happened.

mom pays priceImage Credit: Brandy Mosley / Facebook

Brandy’s four-year-old son had been playing near the water’s edge, and Brandy was only 25 feet away from him when the waves slammed into shore and pushed the boy into the sand.

The young boy was wearing water wings, but the water was too strong, and he couldn’t keep his head about the water or get his footing.

mom pays priceImage Credit: Brandy Mosley / Facebook

Brandy raced over to where her son was struggling in the water, picked him up, and handed him to another family member – then she got swept out into the water. It is likely an undercurrent, or a riptide pulled her under and quickly carried her out to sea.

mom pays price
Image Credit: Brandy Mosley / Facebook

The local fire department and coast guard searched for her and within two hours had found a body that matched her description two miles from where she had last been seen.

Officials waited for the medical examiner to identify the body before informing the family.

mom pays price
Image Credit: Brandy Mosley / Facebook

Brandy had been the owner of B’s Hive of Therapy Day Spa and Salon in Palestine, Texas, her death comes just two years after her sister was murdered. That case has yet to be solved. Share away, people.

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