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5 iPhone Utility Apps You Should Have Installed At All Times


The modern smartphone has become essential in our always-connected times. No matter what problem you may face in your day-to-day life, there’s likely an app dedicated entirely to helping you solve it — and many of them are free. You might scoff at the idea of a measuring app, for instance, but when you need to measure something in a pinch, it really does come in handy.

This is the beauty of the Utilities section of the Apple App Store. Practical solutions for everyday problems, like forgetting your password, needing a language translator, or trying to draw a straight line to hang a frame on the wall can be downloaded with the press of a button. There are five main categories of utility apps you should consider downloading to your phone in case of emergency, and more likely than not, you’ll be glad you have them when the need arises.

Password manager

It’s convenient to have a physical password book that you regularly update, but it’s not a very secure option — and that is where app-based password managers come in. These apps store your usernames, email addresses, and passwords for all of the different accounts you have using encryption and a single master password. Although many of them do require a subscription, they are often worth the money for the protection and services they provide.

There are plenty of password-managing apps currently on the App Store, and many of them are also able to work on other devices, such as desktops. 1Password is one popular option that has earned itself an Editors’ Choice rating in the App Store; it includes an easy-to-navigate interface and organization system for other types of data like credit cards. Another popular option is Dashlane, which boasts cross-app integration. This enables you to automatically fill in your username and password when prompted to sign into an account in various apps and mobile browsers.

Voice note transcriber

If you are someone who prefers sending voice messages instead of texts, you’ve likely used Apple’s built-in Voice Memos utility many times already. However, just listening to your daily thoughts and notes might not be enough to keep you on task. Thankfully, there are many third-party apps that allow you to transcribe your thoughts into a secure document — in fact, some of them automatically transcribe your spoken words into formatted text.

You can’t talk voice transcription apps without mentioning Otter. The product boasts an Editors’ Choice pick in the App Store and is a favorite of many professionals, but you don’t have to be a journalist or a business person to reap its benefits. Otter uses AI to automatically transcribe words as they are spoken, including formatting the text and adding labels for different speakers. There are multiple pricing tiers, but with 300 minutes of monthly recording in the free plan, you may need to upgrade to the paid version.

Language translator

Whether you are across the world or across town, it’s always best to have a translator app downloaded on your phone. You will probably find yourself needing to figure out what a sign says or how to request something important from someone who doesn’t speak your language at least once in your life. As such, when that time comes, you’ll have some assistance in your back pocket.

It’s probably no secret that the premier language translation app on the App Store is Google Translate. Boasting over 130 languages and not offering any in-app purchases to get the full experience, it consistently sits at the top of the App Store’s Reference charts and boasts high ratings. While the AI is not perfect in its translating capabilities, as pointed out by reviewers, it certainly gets the job done when you’re in a pinch — and even better, you can download languages to your iPhone so the app is usable even when you’re offline.

Mood tracker

Who said mental health upkeep and tracking shouldn’t be considered a utility? After all, it is important at any point in your day to ensure that you’re feeling mentally fulfilled, and having a little reminder to do just that might be exactly what you need on your phone. Especially now with the popularization of home page widgets, it’s easier than ever to make a habit out of tracking your mood on a day-to-day basis.

Thankfully, Daylio has got you covered for your basic mood-tracking needs. You can choose from a set of pre-determined moods that represent how you feel that day, as well as the option to select what types of activities you’ve done. You are even able to make quick notes to elaborate on why you feel the way you do. A mood tracker like Daylio (and alternatives like Moody and eMood) proves that even a brief check-in on your mental health can go a long way.

Robo-call blocker

Don’t you hate it when you get a call from a number you don’t recognize, only to receive an obviously recorded scam on the other end? We do too, and unfortunately, they never seem to truly go away. That’s why you need some extra assistance weeding out the calls you’ll want to take and the ones you don’t. After all, it isn’t as easy as just ignoring unfamiliar numbers.

Perhaps the most effective app currently on the App Store is Hiya, a free app that can be upgraded for only $25 per year. The app decides whether to withhold or block, giving you the choice of whether or not to pick it up. What’s unique about Hiya, though, is the ability to reverse-search the phone numbers that call you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to provide any protection so far against spam text messages. The good news is that, according to the App Store, the app is consistently updated by its developers, so here’s to hoping that essential feature is added in the near future.

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