5 Key changes that might happen in UK as Queen Elizabeth II dies

5 Key changes that might happen in UK as Queen Elizabeth II dies: On Thursday, September 8, the world was thrown into grief over the passing of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96.

The late Queen was the longest-reigning monarch since the passing of Albert Frederick Arthur George (George VI) on February 6, 1952.

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With the Queen’s death, several changes are bound to take place in the United Kingdom to usher in the reign of a new monarch.

The British currency and passport will be changed following Queen Elizabeth II’s death. Photo: Royal Family Source: Getty Images

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II also activates the ‘Operation London Bridge is Down’, the code name for activities that will follow days after her death.

Some of the changes bound to happen in the United Kingdom include

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1. A new monarch takes over immediately

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, a new monarch in the person of Charles Philip Arthur George who would be addressed as King Charles III would take over.

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Charles born on November 14, 1948, automatically becomes the new head of state to Britain and 14 other Commonwealth realms.

He will also be expected to make his first official speech – on a live stream – as the King the day after the Queen’s death, on Friday, September 9.

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King Charles will be officially coronated a year after the Queen’s passing, on a bank holiday in the United Kingdom.

2. King Charles III UK tour

King Charles will set off on a UK tour visiting the leaders of government in the capital of Belfast, Edinburg, and Cardiff before returning to London.

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3. Comedy shows on BBC

All comedy programmes on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom will be stopped. This would be done as a sign of respect until after the Queen’s funeral which would last for about 10 to 12 days.

Also, broadcasters will change their clothes to black while, the BBC branding will turn black and during the period of mourning which would last for days, Television channels are expected to play many documentaries about the Queen.

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4. From God save the Queen to God save the King

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the British national anthem’s lyrics are bound to be changed from ‘God Save the Queen’ to ‘God Save the King’.

All of the lyrics of the British national anthem will remain the same, other than “Queen” being replaced with “king” and “she” and “her” being replaced with “he” and “him.”

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5. Currency, passport and stamp change

In months to come, a new British currency will be printed with the King’s portrait and the Queen’s currency will gradually be removed from use.

The same thing would happen to stamps and British passports; the police and military uniforms.

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