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5-Year-Old Calls 911 To Save Dad’s Life But Her Call Is Cracking Everyone Up

We all know that emergencies can be incredibly terrifying scenarios to deal with. Even the most level-headed of us will struggle to keep our cool when the stakes rise and someone’s safety or life is on the line.


Often, the panic and adrenaline that arises from an emergency situation will lead to us humans doing the oddest of things that run in contrary to what is needed at the moment.

Some cases are as varied as the caller speaking to the dispatcher in a detached, rambling manner as if they have forgotten why they have called 911 while their loved one is bleeding on the floor.

As a result, it is imperative that 911 dispatchers are not only trained to keep both themselves and the caller calm but to learn how to efficiently extract important information out of the caller, who is often panicking or dissociating.


So then, how do you handle a situation where a child is on the line, trying to deal with an emergency?

In the case of Jason Bonham, the emergency call operator, to find the whole situation adorable.

Now, before you make assumptions, Bonham acted professionally, it was a situation that was not traumatizing to the child, and no lives were lost.

Rather, it was simply the fact that he found the child’s interaction with him highly endearing. And no wonder, since the child is only 5 years old!


When young Savannah called the emergency hotline, Bonham immediately realized that the voice on the other end of the phone was incredibly young.

His tone, already patient and soothing, doubles down as he collects the information he needs. As it turns out, Savannah’s father was struggling to breathe.

This was enough of a reason for Bonham to dispatch personnel to the scene.

As soon as the girl was reassured that hope was on the way, her bright and spunky personality began to shine through! You can see this in the way she responds.


For obvious reasons, the operator needs to continue collecting information throughout the call as first responders rush their way to the emergency site.

Additionally, the operator needs to keep tabs on the situation at hand and to advise the caller how to prepare the site for the first responders.

In Savannah’s case, to unlock the door.

Being a little girl who was now comforted by the presence of adults taking care of the situation, Savannah then frets over the fact that she will still be in pajamas when the medical team arrives and wants to get dressed!


Unfortunately, Bonham needs to have her next to her dad so she can keep an eye on him.

This, however, doesn’t mean he can’t find the young girl’s responses utterly adorable!

As cute as this all is, stories like these do raise a very important question – namely, how prepared are your children in handling an emergency?


Knowing when to call 911 and understanding what to do in specific emergency situations can save both your life and the lives of your children and spouse, so it is best to prep them thoroughly as soon as you can!

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