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65-Year-Old Man Is On Trial After Murdering Girlfriend With His Penis

Francisca Marquinez, 60, choked while performing oral sex on her boyfriend, Richard Henry Patterson, 65. Patterson was arrested and charged with murder when Marquinez’s body was found in her bedroom.

Patterson says he didn’t choke her on purpose – that his penis is so large that the whole thing was an accident. In court, Patterson requested to show the judge his penis to prove his point!

Former medical examiner and expert witness, Dr. Ronald Wright, is willing to tell the court that Marquinez’s death is consistent with accidental asphyxiation during oral sex.


Patterson argues that it wasn’t murder since Marquinez died during consensual sex.

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Despite leaving Marquinez’s body to decompose for two days, Patterson was acquitted of murder.

In May 2017, it took the jury only five hours to reach this verdict. Marquinez’s son, Omar Andrade, left the courtroom without making any comments.

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