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76-Year-Old Veteran Denied Care, Commits Suicide In VA Parking Lot

Some of our veterans gave their lives in defense of this country.It takes a very brave person to be willing to sacrifice themselves for their country.

Sadly, many veterans are not being treated very well by their country.The man you see in this photo is 76-year-old Peter A. Kaisen. Kaisen served in the United States Navy from 1958 to 1962.

He was standing outside the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center when he took his own life.

veteran takes his life
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He was a recurring patient at the hospital but had been denied service.

Thomas Farley, Kaisen’s friend for 40 years, said Kaisen went there for help with depression.

Kaisen retired from the Navy and became a Long Beach Police Officer.

In the 1960s, he was in a car accident and was permanently disabled.

Kaisen had gone to the ER for help and didn’t get any.

So, he went outside to his car and took his life.

What kind of a hospital turns away someone who is asking for help with a mental illness?

veteran takes his life
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Who dropped the ball? The hospital stated that Kaisen didn’t go to the ER for help.

Are we to believe that he just drove to the hospital and shot himself in the parking lot?

veteran takes his life
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Kaisen’s family is hoping that by sharing this story, it brings awareness to how the VA is treating our veterans.

Something needs to change – now.

The past several years has revealed that many VA hospitals are falling short in their treatment of veterans.

veteran takes his life
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