9 things that happen to you just before you die

56 percent of people believe in life after death, but almost all have difficulty with this idea.

No wonder we’re fascinated by people who’ve been to ‘the other side’ and lived to tell about it.

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Some exciting, some scary, but 9 of these things were reported by almost everyone who managed to return from the dead to the living.

Most people said that the famous “Light at the end of the tunnel” is absolutely real

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A lot of people reported an ‘out-of-body experience’ and said they saw their lifeless body from under them as they were floating above it. They felt scared while trying to connect with their bodies.

Guarding angels can appear in the room at the time of death. Some people said they were guided through the next world before returning to their body.

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Many said their mother visited them while on their deathbed

Some said that they saw dead relatives while they were dying, but it seemed that in the middle of a big party

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Many said their lives passed in front of them, like a slide show of their best and bad moments

In their last moments before death, people said they could see and hear everyone in the room. They witnessed attempts to bring their bodies back to life but were unable to communicate with the living.

Most people said they felt a deep feeling of peace and calm

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Interestingly, many said that feeling dead was so peaceful and calm they didn’t want to come back to life

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