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A boy got rejected before a prom in high school and was mocked at: few days later 13 girls were standing in front of him


If you have survived the jungle that is high school, then you know it takes a lot of courage to invite someone or some girl to a party or prom. Especially if you are not the most popular kids and have never done this before.

Dakota Nelton is a tenth-grade high school student in the United States who has gathered enough courage to invite a girl to the school prom. He never invited anyone to go out with him, so the event was not only a landmark for him, but also required a great deal of courage.

But unfortunately she answered negatively. That’s fine, right? She is allowed. But what’s wrong is that it happened in front of their classmates who started laughing and mocking Dakota because of the rejection he got. And if that was not bad enough, they stepped on it and trampled the sign he had made to invite her..


Dakota walked away praying that a hole would open in the ground and swallow him. He walked away to the sounds of ridicule and laughter, a nightmare for every high school student.

“It was a pretty hard moment to stand in a small circle shaking her head in the negative and then I have to find my way out of the circle”, he said.

Then, just when he thought the situation could not be worse, it turned out that the whole situation was videotaped. Someone uploaded the video to Facebook and it collected many views. People from all over the country saw laughter and

Laughed last

A few days later Dakota arrived at school with no idea he was about to become an emotional moment he will remember forever.


He was walking down the hall when a group of 13 girls stopped him, each holding a sign.

It turns out that the girls have teamed up to show Dakota that he is worth a lot more than he thinks: that he is loved and that he has no reason to doubt himself. They wanted to offer him to go with them to the prom.

Smiling Dakota said, “I felt like one of the accepted kids in school, which I really am not”.

Watch the amazing video below:


What a wonderful gesture from these girls. Dakota, we want to tell you that what you have done required a great deal of courage, and do not let the ridicule of others bring you down.

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