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A fox cub’s head got stuck in a can. Now see how he reacts when he is rescued


A man woke up to strange noises in his backyard one morning, so he went outside to investigate.

He spotted the furry body of a wild animal, but wasn’t sure which poor animal it was because its head was trapped inside a can.

The concerned person decided to film the animal trying to break free from the can and when he approached it, it made a distinctive sound that revealed it was a fox cub.


Foxes have lived in Britain for decades and were first recorded in the 1930s. It is assumed that there are around half a million foxes in the UK, and they generally do not let humans near them.

They are excellent climbers and live in groups of two to six adult foxes. Although they usually forage for food alone.

They are very vocal in their communication, something this surprised resident discovered when he approached the trapped fox.

The fox was filmed running from side to side screaming desperately trying to free himself from the can of dog food he was trying to eat and thus actually got stuck in.


Cornering himself, the man managed to get close enough to take the can off his head as the fox screamed in pain. When he finally sees the light of day he finds himself in front of his rescuer, but instead of running away in fear, he
had the sweetest reaction in the world.

Watch the grateful fox react to the man who rescued him in the video below:

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