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A medical examiner presents stunning new information in the case of an airport worker who was pulled into a jet engine.

The news of a ground worker at San Antonio International Airport being sucked into a plane’s jet engine was incredibly shocking. The medical examiner is now making a revelation about the situation that no one expected.

A ground worker at the San Antonio International Airport was sucked into the engine of a Delta Airlines jet on Friday night. After what was thought to be a freak accident occurred, The National Transportation Safety Board said it would not open an investigation into the death.

The board said, “there were no operational safety issues with either the airplane or the airport,” according to the information the medical examiner provided them with. According to reports, Renner had jumped into the engine.


The NTSB is the chief U.S. accident investigator. However, The Federal Aviation Administration indicated that they would be carrying out an investigation into the death.


The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s office said that 27-year-old David Renner died of blunt and sharp-force injuries and his manner of death was officially listed as School principal who died by suicide after jumping to his death at Disneyland left note behind – rest in peace. No further information was provided by officials.

According to the FAA, a Delta Air Lines plane that had flown from Los Angeles and was pulling into the terminal when the incident took place. Delta stated that Renner was employed by Unifi Aviation which Delta airlines contracts to do ground services for their fleet at San Antonio International Airport.

A Unifi spokesperson said, “From our initial investigation, this incident was unrelated to Unifi’s operational processes, safety procedures and policies.” The spokesperson for the company added how they were “deeply saddened by the loss of our employee at San Antonio International Airport during a tragic incident.” The company said they would not comment on the incident any further.


Delta airlines also released a statement and said they are “grieving the loss of an aviation family member’s life in San Antonio.”

David’s brother Joshua Renner spoke to the media and revealed that David had had a past that was ‘complicated.’ He said David’s life was “complicated at times with living in two separate households growing up just like all the other divorced kids.”

“This isn’t the first time David has tried something like this from my knowledge,” Joshua added. “There were other times. This time I thought it was different.”

Johsua Renner continued and added, “The reason I say that is because he was almost five months clean and living every day to the fullest,” he specified that “there was zero indication this time.”


He shared, “David had been clean for over eight months, was in therapy, [was] actively taking his prescribed medication and had finally became the David we all knew he could be.

Their parents Joshua said “were making sure that he was taking good care of himself” prior to his death on Friday night.

Both Delta and Unifi are based in Atlanta. Unifi calls itself the largest ground-handling and aviation services provider in North America. A list of their clients includes Delta, United, Alaska, Spirit, and Frontier.

The company says it employs over 20,000 people as aviation workers. Jobs for these people include things such as baggage and cargo handlers, catering, fueling, and more in 200 locations.

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