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A mother left home for two weeks – when she saw what her husband did with her daughter, she was shocked


Instagram user @maratca lives in Tuman, Russia with his wife and 7-year-old daughter.

Marat’s wife does most of the cooking and takes care of the house, so she worried when she had to leave her husband and daughter alone for two weeks while she traveled on business. Will they clean the house and cook food?

Marat assured her that everything would be fine. But his wife wasn’t sure and asked Marat to inform her that he and the daughter were fine.


And Marat did exactly that, but his posts weren’t exactly what she expected…it’s hilarious!

Marat, who works as a photographer, took a picture of himself with his daughter every day and posted it on Instagram. Each picture had a reassuring message: “Mom, I’m fine”.

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