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A mother wants everyone to know that one kiss left her son in the hospital with a life-threatening rash

When you have children it means you take on the biggest responsibility in the world – for other lives.

This is why most mothers and fathers want to wrap their little ones in cotton wool and make sure nothing bad ever happens to them.

And yet, we cannot protect them every second of the day. And worse, there are things that can harm or endanger them without us even knowing it.

Demi Boswell explains how her one-year-old son, Cohen, was rushed to the hospital after developing a rash that covered his entire body. It turns out he was infected with herpes from a simple kiss.

Some may not know, but herpes can be fatal for babies.

“People may not want to see these pictures but I think it’s important that I show them”, she wrote in a Facebook post.

“Cohen was rushed to the hospital when the doctors were already there to receive him for treatment”.

She urges all parents not to touch or kiss other people’s babies unless they have washed their hands thoroughly beforehand.

Parents! We cannot stress enough the potential dangers of the herpes virus and how dangerous it can be.

Share this article with your friends and family to spread Demi’s warning. You never know.. you might save a life!

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