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A three-juice drink that will cleanse your entire body of waste and harmful toxins!

Many people suffer from health problems related to the digestive system, such as chronic constipation, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, and much more.


The large intestine is a vital organ that helps get rid of waste and toxins in the body. So it is very important to keep this organ healthy in order for it to function in the best possible way.

If you want to maintain a healthy colon, you must cleanse it to reduce discomfort, pain, and aid digestion. You can achieve all this with the help of a home colon cleanser, which acts as a natural detoxifier.

An important thing before you continue reading – it is very important to stay at home during the process. The medicine consists of natural extracts only. It will get rid of waste and toxins in your body, and reduce signs of


The medicine consists of apples, lemon, sea salt, and ginger. These ingredients are rich in nutrients and will provide you with the overall health improvement you need.

An apple a day keeps you further away from prescription drugs. Fresh lemon juice is very effective for detoxification. It is rich in vitamin C and contains powerful antioxidants.

Ginger is very effective because it improves activity in the large intestine and reduces bloating. Sea salt helps waste and toxins move through the body and improves digestion.



How much to consume:

Every morning on an empty stomach

Before lunch

In the evening from 18:00-19:00

In addition, make sure you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. If you are concerned about side effects, start treatment slowly. If you take medication, or are pregnant, or suffer from allergies – it is very important to


Very important:

Do not do the treatment if you suffer from diabetes.


1 teaspoon of ginger juice

2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

½ teaspoon of sea salt


½ glass pure apple juice

½ glass of lukewarm water

* Amount per single serving


In a regular pan, pour 100 ml of water and heat it, but do not bring to a boil, because you have to drink it as soon as it’s ready. Then, add the sea salt and mix well, add the juices: apple, ginger and lemon juice. Mix again.


The detox drink should be consumed only once a day. But if you want to continue the treatment, do it one week apart each time.

Your digestion will improve, and your body will be free of toxins!

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