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A woman hasn’t washed her hair in six months – now watch the amazing result 8 hours later


Unless you have experienced it for yourself, depression is something that is very difficult to understand. Millions of people around the world deal with depression every day, and in many cases, it makes daily life and general health
very challenging.

Hair designer Kate Langman has recently come across someone like that. A woman visited her beauty salon, and told her that she had been dealing with depression for the past six months. She was looking for a change – and that’s exactly
what she got.

Kate’s day went by normally when she noticed an unfamiliar woman walking into her beauty salon, examining hair care products that were on the shelf.


Kate approached her and asked if she needed help – and that was the moment she heard her long and painful story.

The woman in the story has suffered from persistent depression for the past six months. She couldn’t get out of bed, nor washed or combed her hair during all this time. She made a ponytail in her hair – but because she had not washed
it for so long, it was as hard as a stone.

Kate, who shared her story on
Facebook explained:

“So today, of all the days, she went in and asked if I could take care of her hair, and that she finally managed to get herself out of bed. Of course I answered. I did not care how long I’d stay, I wanted to make sure she got the best


The woman insisted several times that Kate would just haircut her, and that she did not care how much it would cost. All she wanted was to identify herself again. But Kate decided she would do everything in her power to help the
woman, and give her what she so desperately needed: to feel whole again.

When Kate finished with the styling and haircut, she saw something amazing.

“When I finished, I saw that spark in her eyes and I saw her cheeks redden with excitement, not only from the fact that she could move her fingers in her hair again, but she felt like herself again”, Kate


“I changed someone’s life today and I will never forget it. And if it happens to come to her, I want her to know how amazing, wonderful, loving, kind and strong she is”.

Watch the full story in the video below:


Kate’s kindness, patience and lack of judgment moved us greatly. Please share this article with friends and family if you feel the same way.

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