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A Woman With Chronic Premenstrual Syndrome is Believed to Have Killed 189 People

An American woman was arrested in relation to an investigation led jointly by the FBI about an incredible series of violent deaths.

The investigators suspect 39-year old Loretta Jones, who suffers from premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) as well Chronic Hormone Disorder, of killing 189 people between 1993 and 2017.

According to the FBI spokesman, Bill Davidson, her medical condition makes her extremely dangerous to anyone who crosses her path.

“She’s more dangerous than any of the psychopaths and serial killers that I’ve met in my career. Even the slightest irritation can make her become extremely violent, anytime, any day.”

Mr. Davidson says the accused severely bit a federal agent while in detention and assaulted two others.

“One of our agents accidentally put some sugar in her coffee, so she got mad and threw it in his face and jumped in his face to bite his nose. It was scary!”

Ms. Jones worked as a debt collector for a large financial company and traveled a lot, across Illinois and bordering states.

The FBI spokesman, Bill Davidson, claims she is probably the most dangerous individual he has ever met in his 24-year as a federal agent.

Dr. Alonso Franco Gonzales has seen only one similar case in his career insists that this kind of disorder is extremely rare. He insists that Ms. Jones’ case has nothing to do with a regular premenstrual syndrome and is something completely different.

“Most woman will feel a slight change in their mood in the days before their period, but in her case, it’s a million times stronger, and it’s permanent. She’s a real killing machine!”

According to Dr. Gonzales, there is little knowledge about such cases because they are very rare and because woman suffering from similar disorders are still burned as witches in many countries, even today. He believes that Ms. Jones cannot be held responsible for her actions because she is mentally unstable, but insists that she should remain in detention for the rest of her life in a psychiatric hospital.

No charges have been filed yet against, but the FBI says it’s “only a matter of days” before she is officially accused.

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