Accused Highland Park shooter Robert Crimo faces 7 counts of first-degree murder

Authorities of Illinois are doing everything possible for justice to prevail on lives that were lost on July 4.

Recall that we previously reported that Robert E. Crimo III allegedly fired multiple rounds of a weapon resembling an AR-15 into a crowd at a holiday parade in Chicago. Ultimately, seven adults died, and dozens sustained injuries.

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According to the Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek, the identified victims are:

  1. Katherine Goldstein (64)
  2. Irina McCarthy (35)
  3. Kevin McCarthy (37)
  4. Jacquelyn Sundheim (63)
  5. Stephen Straus (88)
  6. Nicolas Toledo-Zaragoza (78).

The seventh victim passed away in a hospital outside of the county, per Jennifer.

BuzzShade learnt that the suspected Highland Park shooter, Robert Crimo faces seven counts of first-degree murder and will face mandatory life sentence if the court convicts him on the charges.

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The news was delivered by Lake County State Attorney Eric Rinehart in a press conference. He also estimated that Robert will likely face “dozens of more charges centering around each of the victims.” which will include attempted murder and aggravated discharge and battery.

“These are just the first of many charges that will be filed against Mr. Crimo, I want to emphasize that,” the AG said.

We learnt that 21-year-old will remain behind bars without bond, awaiting his preliminary hearing on July 28. At the hearing, an assistant state’s attorney said Robert voluntarily confessed to firing into the crowd to law enforcement via a statement.

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