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African Fashion Designer Accuses Sam Brinton of Stealing Her Bag in 2018 – Photos Show Him Wearing Her Designs in Recent News Reports

A Tanzanian fashion designer recently took to Twitter and accused Biden’s former deputy nuclear waste official Sam Brinton of taking and wearing her clothes.


Fashion designer Asyakhamsin who hails from Tanzania but is now based in Houston, Texas tweeted “I lost my bag 2018 in DCA recently I heard the news on Fox News about Sam Brinton luggage issue surprisingly I found his images wore my custom made outfits which was in the lost bag on 2018.”

She would proceed to tweet out a photo of her in the red dress she designed and then tweet out a photo of a Brinton wearing the same outfit.



Here’s the Telegraph article where Asyakhamsin spotted Brinton wearing her clothes:

Asyakhamsin believes Brinton didn’t just wear one of her outfits but rather several.


Asyakhamsin’s Twitter account was created back in 2013 and her previous tweets dated back in 2016 are all pictures of outfits she designed.


So, it’s quite clear she is not a bot account looking for attention but rather a concerned individual whose luggage was stolen in 2018.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported Brinton was “charged with felony theft for stealing a woman’s luggage in November at MSP airport in Minnesota.”

Brinton’s first court appearance was on February 15th and on the way to the court room the alleged luggage thief was met with hecklers.

Watch him be heckled here:


“Did You Steal Any Luggage Today?” – Non-Binary Pup Handler Sam Brinton Heckled Outside of Courtroom (VIDEO)

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