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After 18 abortions over 16 years, a woman has finally given birth to a baby when she’s 48-years-old

When Louise Warnford met her husband Mark in 1999, she knew right away that they wanted to start a family.


Louise, from England, tried to get pregnant at the age of 32 but her attempts ended in tragedy.

Despite 16 years of attempts and 18 abortions during that time, Louise did not give up on her dream for a moment and now, at 48, she is a proud mother to a little baby named William and she could not have been happier.


Mark underwent surgery to remove the sperm duct in a previous relationship, so the couple resorted to expensive IVF treatments in order to get pregnant.

“Every time I had hope and thought this time it was it and that I was going to have the perfect family I always wanted – I had an abortion and I couldn’t stop crying”, Louise

“We started trying IVF treatments and even though we got pregnant a few times, we always lost the baby”.


Louise finally got the treatment she needed and got pregnant. Her son William was born in the 37th week by caesarean section.

“It’s amazing”, Louise said excitedly about the moment she first held her baby.

“When the midwife gave it to me, I just did not believe, I did not believe how lucky I am, I still do not believe. He is so beautiful, I felt like I won the lottery”, she said.


Louise describes motherhood as ‘the best job in the world’.

Find out more about Louise’s story and the message she has for other couples trying to conceive:

We are so glad that Louise and her husband have not lost hope, and now she has a beautiful son who has completed their family.


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