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After this woman gave birth to black babies, ‘her husband burst into tears when he discovered this’!

I really believe that many parents would agree that the love for one’s children is always more important than DNA, skin and blood. During an interview, the young couple, Aaron and Rachel Halbert, said that they had long dreamed of becoming parents, but Rachel had a very hard time getting pregnant.


They first adopted two children and then chose to take things a step further. The parents were determined to offer a home to more children who would otherwise not have a family.

The young couple reportedly learned about embryo adoption and decided not to forget those frozen embryos who seem to be forgotten.

And they certainly refused to let something as superficial as skin color get in the way. They visited an embryo donation bank and found a set of twins they decided to make their babies. But if this weren’t amazing enough, their story soon took another unexpected turn. When the couple heard of embryo options,they decided it could be a good idea.


Rachel implanted two African American embryos, which have been frozen for over 15 years. The new babies would therefore “match” their already existing siblings.

“They agreed with our thoughts about our kids matching each other racially and were supportive of the decision to select African American embryos,” Aaron writes. After six weeks, it was time to visit the doctor to receive their tiny embryos. And when they arrived, the couple was met with a completely different surprise.

The couple then discovered to their shock that one of those embryos had split in two inside Rachel’s womb. She was indeed pregnant, not only with twins, but triplets! The birth went smoothly and soon Aaron and Rachel were not only parents of two but for five dark-skinned, beautiful young children.

Aaron beautifully describes his family: “I can remember a friend going through the adoption process telling me he had always wanted his family to look like a little United Nations. As I look at my growing family, I prefer to take it a step further, daring to hope that our family picture is a little hint of Heaven.”

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