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Against All Odds: A Mother’s Journey with Her Disabled Daughter Will Leave You Inspired!


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I lost her twin. Despite this tragedy, my body fought tirelessly to keep her in utero. During one of my appointments, the doctor delivered heartbreaking news. Tests showed that my baby would be severely disabled. We were presented with options: terminate the pregnancy or seek counseling to prepare for the challenges of raising a special child.

Choosing hope over despair, I clung to the belief that my daughter would defy the odds. My body worked double time to nurture and protect her. At 6.5 weeks premature, she entered the world, a fragile, purple bundle. With an Apgar score of just 2, her life hung in the balance. The medical team fought tirelessly to save her, and against all odds, she survived.

As time passed, my daughter’s strength and resilience shone through. The doctors’ predictions proved to be wrong. While she faced challenges, they were not insurmountable. She grew stronger with each passing day, defying the limitations that were once placed upon her.


Twenty-four years and two months later, my purple princess was granted one of only two placements at CHOP Philadelphia to complete her clinicals. This prestigious opportunity would pave the way for her to become an Occupational Therapist. Her dreams were within reach, and she was determined to fulfill her purpose—helping others improve their daily lives.

Within the halls of CHOP Philadelphia, my daughter encountered children with diverse disabilities, each facing their unique struggles. Armed with empathy and understanding, she approached her patients, providing unwavering support and encouragement. Occupational therapy became her tool for making a difference.

With each small victory, she witnessed the transformative power of her work. The smiles of accomplishment from her patients reaffirmed her decision to pursue this path. Her own journey had inspired her to become a beacon of light for others who faced challenges of their own.

The journey of the purple princess stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. She defied the bleak predictions of doctors and surpassed every expectation set upon her. Her life is a reminder that disabilities do not define a person, but rather their determination and will to fight.


As she continues to touch the lives of others, she spreads hope and love, illuminating the path for those who are still searching for their own purpose. The story of the purple princess serves as a beacon of inspiration, showing the world that miracles can happen, and that every individual, regardless of their challenges, has the power to create their own destiny.

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