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An 18-year-old boy invented a bra that could save lives of millions of people after his mother nearly died of cancer

Anyone who ever fought cancer themselves or been with a loved one who is battling the disease knows how horrible it is.


Every year we get a little closer to the world without the most terrible diseases, but when there is no cure that works one hundred percent, we must focus on developing new ways to locate and treat cancer in its early stages.

When Julian Rios Canto was 13, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although he managed to digest the good news for the first time, the second diagnosis hit him hard.

He decided to do something about it, so he channeled his frustrations to create a device that could help families avoid what he was going through.


Now Julian has developed a technology that can have a big impact when it comes to cancer diagnosis. Together with three friends, Julian founded ‘Higia Technology’, the goal of which is to detect cancer before it becomes incurable.

Penetrates the market

When it comes to breast cancer, the earlier the disease is detected, the better the difference is between life and death. Julian’s mother underwent a double mastectomy during her battle with the disease, but fortunately managed to
survive it. It was his mother’s struggle that inspired him to develop the product.

The ‘prediction’ bra has more than 200 sensors that are specially designed to detect small changes in a woman’s breast. Julian and his friends put their product into a student competition and won a $20,000 grant fee to further develop
their product.

Bra users wear it for 60-90 minutes a week and it is programmed to detect changes in the temperature, color and texture of the chest. When tumors change the blood flow in the chest, the bra should notice these changes. The information
is transmitted to an app that alerts the woman to go to a doctor for an examination.


There is no doubt that Julian and his friends deserve all the respect in the world for their project.

Watch more information about the bra in the video below:

What an amazing and resourceful boys Julian and his friends are. This invention can definitely change lives!


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