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An 80-year-old asked her granddaughter to apply makeup on her. Now the result is amazing people all over the world

When 80-year-old Livia asked her granddaughter to do a makeover for her, she did not expect to become a global internet sensation – but that’s exactly what happened.

Her granddaughter is makeup artist Tea Flego, who wanted to show people how makeup can make someone look 20 years younger. But what was supposed to be a display of her talent very quickly became a heartwarming sign of the
special connection between the grandmother and her granddaughter.

Today, Grandma Livia is an internet celebrity and a wonderful proof that age should never limit us. Watch the amazing photos below.

The only wish of 80-year-old Livia was to look fresher. So her granddaughter started applying makeup on her..

And within a few days, Grandma’s pictures spread around the internet like wildfire in a field of thorns.

“I love my grandmother”, said makeup artist Tea Flego.

“And the fact that she’s in a nursing home and receives information about responses from around the world is of great significance to her”.

Now Livia is enjoying all the attention she is getting thanks to her granddaughter. And she reciprocates the favor by helping her granddaughter gain more followers on Instagram.

Isn’t it true that Grandma Livia is amazing? And what a special relationship she has with her granddaughter. Share the article if it also put a smile on your face.

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