An abandoned dog waited on the porch for weeks after his family moved out and left him behind


It is unbelievable how heartless people can abandon their dogs, throw them away from them and leave them to take care of themselves, leaving the dogs confused and not understanding why their family is suddenly not there to take care
of them.

But one recent case particularly broke our hearts: a family left their home and for some reason decided to leave their dog behind, who was left helpless and waited for them at the front door to return.

The poor dog was seen wandering around the neighborhood, but always returned to the same porch he knew – loyal to the same family that raised him and unaware that they would never come back to pick him up.


Neighbors understood the situation and contacted a local shelter. The shelter’s founder, Jenin Guido, arrived to pick up the dog and found him looking for food in the neighborhood’s trash cans.

When she tried to get close to the dog, he flinched.. and started scratching the front door of the house where he had lived all those years, still expecting someone to open the door for him and let him in.

Jenin’s heart was broken when she saw this, but she was determined to gain the dog’s trust. She came back with more food, and managed to get the dog to trust her, telling him calmly that everything would be fine from now on.

“It sounds silly but I swear he knew what I was telling him”, she said. “He just walked over to me and sat down and let me put a leash on him”.

She cried as she drove with the dog to the shelter, but the dog seemed calm now, as if he knew he was in good hands.

“I’m so sorry they let you down”, the shelter’s Facebook page said, “But I hope you understand that we are here to help you, and we will never leave you alone again”.

The dog settled in and got used to his new life in the shelter. They called him Cupid, because they found him close to the date of Valentine’s Day.

“Ever since he came to the shelter he has been the nicest dog and gentleman there is”, Jenin said. “You can see he’s still confused. But he’s happy to meet everyone with his wagging tail”.

The shelter hopes to find a good home for Cupid, but first and foremost they take care of his health. Cupid weighs about 27 kg, and they found him without many parts of the fur and with many injuries on the body.

He will have to undergo medical treatment and castration before being a candidate for adoption.

But luckily this poor dog does not seem to have a problem finding a home once he is ready. He has already received more than 50 applications for adoption.

“I don’t think it will be a problem to find him a home because he really is the sweetest dog in the world”, Jenin said.

Cupid’s heartbreaking story shows the endless loyalty of dogs.. even for owners who do not return back the same loyalty.

We hope he finds a happy home that will love him forever!

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