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Angry Harry Tells Meghan ‘LETS END THIS’ as Sussexes Exit Counseling Office

Ever since their grand wedding in 2018, Meghan and Harry seemed destined for a fairytale happily ever after.

However, fast forward to today, and the cracks in their relationship are becoming more apparent. Spotify deals gone wrong, alleged financial turmoil, and whispers of divorce have turned their marriage into a royal soap opera.

Amidst the stress, criticism, and pressure from all sides, Meghan and Harry have taken the controversial route of marriage counseling to salvage their relationship. But some Royal experts claim it’s just a publicity stunt to maintain their PR image. Their extravagant lifestyle, while preaching about climate change and struggles of the common man, has led to accusations of hypocrisy.


There are passionate fans who defend Meghan and Harry, arguing that they’re just trying to find happiness like the rest of us. Yet, the reality of the Royals’ world is far from glamorous. Meghan has openly talked about feeling isolated and misunderstood, but some wonder if there’s more to the story.

Their controversial exit from royal life raised questions about Meghan’s ambition clashing with traditional royal protocol. Others blame Prince Harry for letting love cloud his judgment, leading to a rift with his family and heritage.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Elizabeth Wood

    1st August, 2023 at

    Meghan was, and is a golddigger. We all knew that.. she figured two children would “deal the deal,”. It didn’t
    Now, it’s the kids who will pay for their greed.

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