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Angry NYPD Chief Rejects Meghan Markle’s Security Plea On Air, Asserts ‘We Are Not Your Puppets!’

We’re delving into a startling revelation that sheds light on Meghan and Prince Harry’s relentless pursuit of fame, even if it means resorting to deception and elaborate schemes. The recent incident involving their so-called security detail at the World Mental Health Day Festival in NYC is nothing short of a spectacle.


Meghan and Harry, in their never-ending quest for the limelight, decided to attend a charity event. But here’s the catch – they want you to believe they’re the most significant figures in the room. So, they arrange for a convoy of seven gas-guzzling SUVs and claim to have secured NYPD escorts. Sounds impressive, right? Well, hold your applause because here’s the truth.

The couple left a garage near the Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards, took a left on 33rd Street, and ended up in another garage on the same street, a mere 200 feet away. And who were the police protecting? Not Meghan and Harry, but U.S. Surgeon General V.C. Murthy, a man deserving of police protection due to his role in public health, not his celebrity status.

But what’s truly mind-boggling is Meghan’s audacity. She allegedly bragged about being protected by the police, but the reality is far from her claims. The NYPD Chief himself confirmed that they didn’t escort Meghan and Harry; they were there for V.C. Murthy, a man with a genuine need for security.


Now, let’s discuss the absurdity of their convoy. Seven cars, really? Who do they think they are? The mayor of New York didn’t foot the bill for their security, and the police didn’t buy into their tales of a near-catastrophic car chase by aggressive paparazzi. In fact, it’s abundantly clear that Meghan and Harry are just not as important as they’d like us to believe.

What’s most troubling about this entire charade is the deliberate attempt to manipulate the narrative. Meghan and Harry seem to think they can fool the public into believing they’re being pursued, threatened, and in need of extensive security details.

But let’s not be fooled. The stark contrast between a genuine police escort and the hired vehicles following Meghan and Harry is unmistakable, serving as a glaring example of their shameless grifting and unquenchable thirst for attention.

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