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Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Going Through a “Trial Separation”?

Reports Suggest Nasty Fights Behind Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s “Trial Separation”
Four years into their marriage, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are rumored to have taken a “trial separation” due to recent humiliations and conflicts.

According to a new report, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently apart following a series of “nasty fights,” triggered by months of public backlash, business setbacks, and conflicting lifestyles.
“It seems that he needs some time for self-discovery. A trial separation might be the only way for them to overcome their differences and emerge stronger than ever,” disclosed an insider to a reputable publication.

The National Enquirer had an opportunity to speak with sources close to Harry and Meghan regarding their “trial separation.”
“Their marriage and public image have been negatively affected by intense conflicts with his family and the ongoing feud within their own family,” the insider further added.


Sources explain that the couple, who are parents to two children, are allegedly facing significant financial strain to sustain their luxurious lifestyle in California. The combination of financial pressure and emotional challenges has likely turned their lives into a living nightmare, ultimately leading them to this separation, the insider revealed.

Meghan and Harry’s decision to spend time apart in different parts of the world is seen as an opportunity to find what they individually need in order to move forward, whether it is together or apart.

While Meghan reportedly remains at their Montecito mansion with their children, Harry is heading to Africa to film a documentary for Netflix. This marks a notable divergence in their professional paths.

As Harry, the younger son of King Charles III, seeks rejuvenation overseas, Meghan, on the other hand, aims to rebuild her public image and reenter the Hollywood scene, aspiring to establish her own brand and achieve personal success without relying on her husband, according to royal expert Daniela Elser.


It is Meghan’s desire for fame and fortune that has created distance between the couple. Despite being in love and receiving Harry’s support, their contrasting life goals may jeopardize their marriage.

The ongoing strain between the couple and the monarchy has also taken a toll on their relationship. They continue to keep their distance from the UK-based family, with Meghan choosing to skip King Charles’ June coronation while Harry attended alone, as reported by OK magazine.

Angela Levin, a royal biographer, predicts that Harry and Meghan’s separation may unfold slowly but expects it to end on a sour note.

“She is carefully orchestrating this situation, ensuring that he is left in a hopeless state so she can gain custody of the children,” shared Levin about the former Suits actress. She also noted that Harry is completely isolated from his family and friends.


Journalist and British royal household expert Tom Bower recently claimed that “Meghan is growing tired of Harry” and that they have begun living independently and separately.

Meghan and Harry exchanged vows on May 18, 2018, at Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel. However, now it appears that their relationship has reached its end.

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