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Arizona man, 20, admits shooting teen girlfriend to death because he believed she cheated on him

A Tempe, Arizona man is facing murder charges after he allegedly shot and killed his 18-year-old girlfriend over suspected cheating last week.

Adrian Aguilar, 20, was spotted by witnesses getting out of a vehicle and shooting at it multiple times with the victim still inside on Thursday.

He then shot himself in the chest as he fled the scene, police said. He is currently in police custody but still hospitalized.

During questioning, and after initially claiming that he and his girlfriend were shot by gang members, Aguilar later admitted to killing the victim.

He said that he and his girlfriend were driving back home from a pool party when she started to receive texts from another man.

When he confronted her about the messages, the woman denied knowing the sender, leading Aguilar to shoot her in the leg.

As she cried and begged for her life, Aguilar kept driving and shooting the girlfriend before crashing into a curb.

At that point, he stepped out of the vehicle and shot the injured woman multiple times killing her.

Aguilar allegedly told investigators that he killed the victim because she “wasted his time” and “wouldn’t admit what she had done.”

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