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As a powerful Nor’easter roared into the area Monday night, officials issued winter weather warnings from Maine to New Jersey

From Maine to New Jersey, officials issued winter weather warnings as a strong Nor’easter roared into the region Monday night, which is expected to leave heavy snow, strong winds and downed power lines throughout.

New Hampshire reported steady snow and strong wind gusts and cold rain Monday night. In some areas, snow fell at about one-inch per hour. Meteorologists issued a winter weather advisory for nearly the entire state.

Forecasters said they expect the storm to intensify Tuesday afternoon through the evening with gusts reaching 40 to 50 mph near the coastline.

Reports of the potential of heavy, wet snow will likely lead to a cascade of snapped tree branches onto powerlines. That will often lead to extended power outages in areas affected by the storm.When the tides are at their highest on Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, forecasters also foresee some modest coastal flooding.


Governor Kathy Hochul of New York activated the National Guard to provide assistance in the storm-prone areas of the state’s Capital and Mid-Hudson. Due to the significant amounts of snow and wind, the state prohibited the use of tandem and empty tractor-trailers from I-87 Exit 17 to I-90 Exit 36, as well as along the whole length of the Berkshire Spur from I-87 Exit 21 to the Massachusetts border.

The amount of snow expected during this winter storm is expected to increase, and the weight of the snow mixed with wind gusts of 45 mph will almost likely cause tree branches and power lines to fall. Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management of New York State.”New Yorkers should plan for two to three days straight of hazardous winter weather starting tonight. Only travel if absolutely necessary and keep your phones and other devices charged in case you need to call for assistance during a power outage.”

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy warned five counties in its northernmost region to brace for the Nor’easter for the next few days.

“While this winter storm is forecasted to mainly affect Northwestern Jersey, other areas of the state may also see snowfall and high wind gusts that could lead to power outages,” Murphy said in a statement.

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