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Axel Flores Vives charged with assaulting pregnant girlfriend, threatening her and her father with a gun

Axel Edgardo Flores Vives, 32, Minot, is accused of strangling, slapping, and pushing his pregnant girlfriend, taking her cell phone and breaking the phone and breaking her glasses, then later threatening her and her father with a firearm and making threats against her father on Tuesday.

He is charged in district court in Minot with Class C felony terrorizing with a dangerous weapon, Class C felony domestic violence causing serious bodily injury, Class A misdemeanor menacing, and Class A misdemeanor criminal mischief.

He made an initial appearance in district court in Minot on Thursday before Judge Gary Lee, who set bond at $5,000 cash or corporate surety because of the seriousness of the offenses. Lee also ordered Vives Flores to have no contact with the woman or her parents. A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for Nov. 5.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, the woman had gone to Flores Vives’ apartment to return some of his clothing that had been in her car. Flores Vives became angry and grabbed her phone and wouldn’t give it back. The woman told Flores Vives that she wanted to leave and Flores Vives grabbed her by the arm.

She tried to recover the phone and he grabbed her and strangled her. She told him to stop and he broke her phone and her glasses and told her to get out. The woman left and drove to her parents’ house. Flores Vives followed her in his vehicle and pulled into her parents’ driveway. The woman went out and told Flores Vives to leave. Flores Vives went into the woman’s car and recovered a Glock pistol that he had left in there.

The woman’s father then came out of the house with a shotgun and ordered Flores Vives to get off his property. Flores Vives, still holding the pistol, grabbed the woman in a head lock. He told his girlfriend’s father that he would “get him” and would “meet him on the street.” The woman’s father was afraid for her safety and pointed his shotgun at Flores Vives’ head. Flores Vives then let the woman go, got back in his vehicle and drove away.

The woman and her father then left to go to the police department to report the assault. Along the way, they saw Flores Vives’ car in the road heading back toward their house. They turned around to go back to the house to warn the woman’s father. On the way back to the house they saw Flores Vives’ car stopped in the middle of the road.

The woman stopped. Flores Vives got out of the car, walked over to the car and motioned for her to roll down her window. Flores Vives said something along the lines of, “If your Dad wants to point a gun, he’s going to find out what’s up.”

Her mother went back to the house and Flores Vives followed them to the house, where he stopped in the driveway for a minute or two and then left while his girlfriend was calling police.

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