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Baby died after being found unconcious, police discover writing all over his body!

Per reports, the 18-month-old baby, Ares, reportedly died of significant brain injuries. Police officials said that the toddler reportedly had fractures on his skull, legs and shoulder area, chronic brain bleeding, and bruising on the cartilage in both ears.

His mom, then-27-year-old Miranda, was arrested and indicted on a charge of child-abuse resulting in death.

Assistant District Attorney Stinson reportedly revealed that photos on the mom’s cellphone showed the child with “thug life” written across his small stomach and “loco” on his forehead with black Sharpie.

It’s unclear when the photos were taken or if they are connected to the injuries doctors discovered. The autopsy report has not been released, and Stinson stated that it was the critical evidence that could determine additional charges.

“It’s difficult to look at something like that and think the worst about that kind of picture, especially in the context of what we know so far,” the mother’s public defender, Taylor, stated. “I just want to caution everybody into thinking that there’s something to that evidence, when we haven’t gotten everything yet to see the whole picture, the whole story about what led to Ares’s death.”

However, prosecutors maintained that the photos shed some light on the treatment the infant endured at home. Doctors found the baby malnourished and under-cared for as he was transported to another hospital. Hospital staff called police to report that the toddler was possibly being abused. A detective spotted bruises on the boy and red spots on his face at the hospital, court records show.

The mother, who was also pregnant, denied hurting the infant and maintained that he seemed fine and didn’t have any bruises when she woke up at around 7am. She stated that they lay on a mattress in the living room around noon, and that he fell asleep, so she moved him to his crib. She pleaded not guilty to the charges, but she was later jailed for six years.

Prosecutors said that the mother reportedly let her boyfriend allegedly inflict fatal abuse on her toddler so severe the youngster’s brain turned black.

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