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Baby is born, doctors notice he’s missing something very important!

Doctors have seen a lot. Because they deal with people at their worst every day, they know what it means to suffer and to struggle through life.

Because they have helped people with all sorts of disabilities and birth defects and read all sorts of books about medicine, you’d think that they would have seen it all.

But after doctors delivered a baby, who did not have a nose, they admitted they were wrong – they had not seen it all.


According to the doctors, this infant has no nose. This means that the baby boy must gasp to breathe. The doctors who are helping him survive to admit that they had never seen anything like it before.

They said the baby was microcephaly, which is a condition that makes the head smaller than normal. This can also affect the brain, which means it hasn’t developed as it should.

The condition can happen because of genetics, or it could have resulted from drug or alcohol abuse by the mother. However, the condition can also come from being exposed to the Zika virus and other toxins during pregnancy.

According to reports, because the rural family has “refused’ a tracheotomy on the newborn baby, the little guy can only breathe by gasping. If the little one had the surgery, which would insert a tube into the windpipe, it would be a lot easier for it to breathe and survive.

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