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Baby Starts Picking His Nose During Ultrasound. Then Grandma Can’t Believe Her Eyes


A pregnant woman will often get an ultrasound to make sure the baby is developing properly. Regular checkups are important during pregnancy.

This video is a 2014 clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show. In the video, we see Jimmy’s pregnant cousin Micki and his Aunt Chippy.

Aunt Chippy has never seen an ultrasound be done before and Jimmy takes the opportunity to have a little fun with her!


The whole thing is an elaborate prank! Jimmy is sitting in the next room and feeding lines to the technician. The things he says are hilarious, and Aunt Chippy doesn’t seem to realize what she is saying is so wrong!

But, maybe she is just so thrilled at seeing the baby that she isn’t really listening. Watch her face as the baby claps and even stands up! Watch the video and enjoy! Wait until the end when Jimmy does the reveal!

Okay you have to admit, this was hilarious! Although it’s not a good thing to make fun of people when it comes to latest technologies, but this was funny! Sorry grandma! Share away, people.

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