Babyface Ray Teams Up With Digga D On “Goofies”

Babyface Ray show and proved this year. He’s undoubtedly one of the most refreshing voices to come out among his generation of rappers, and his skills have earned him some high praise. 

This week, he heads across the pond to connect with UK drill rapper Drilla D. The song’s production feels like it’s supposed to score a slasher flick with warbling synths adding a futuristic touch. Babyface Ray and Digga D pop their shit on the record and boast of their ranks in the game.

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Babyface Ray came through at the top of the year with FACE before unveiling the official deluxe edition a short while later. With the release of his new single, perhaps we can expect him to include more international features in his next project.

Quotable Lyrics
Ayy, look at who they called gang
N***as goofier than a bitch, though
Throwin’ dirt on my name, must be fuckin’ your bitch, huh?
Prayin’ on my downfall, sick as hell ’cause I’m lit now

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