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Bam Margera found in Hotel, He is voluntarily going back To Rehab

BuzzShade learnt that Bam Margera was found on Monday at a hotel in Deerfield Beach, FL. and he’s going to check in to a new treatment facility after He voluntarily agreed.

Reports says that police showed up along with a crisis intervention team, which included Bam’s mother and father.

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His camp says they held an intervention on the spot, with other members of Bam’s family calling in to speak to him.

According to Bam’s camp, Bam insisted on seeing his son but was told he needed to get treatment before being able to see his kid.

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The Broward Sheriff’s Office confirmed deputies from Deerfield Beach made contact with Bam on Monday night and he was found safe.

Bam Margera is worried he’ll never see his son again if he stays in rehab and that’s why he bailed but his wife is pleading for him to check himself back in.

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She hoping Bam can get the help he needs by returning to the Florida rehab center where he’s been undergoing treatment this year.

Bam left the LifeSkills residential facility again because he was worried he’d never see Phoenix again … he’s afraid he’ll never get the chance to prove he’s a good dad if he’s in rehab.

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