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Bankrupt! Prince Harry terrified about his Future after receiving Sack Letter from BetterUp

Harry phoned Prince William and expressed the desire to move back to London along with wife Meghan and family.


The termination of $20 million Spotify deal came as a big blow to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Since ditching the Royal Family in the United Kingdom and moving to the US, life has taken a dramatic turn especially in financial matters for Harry-Meghan.

According to a recent report by, Harry phoned Prince William and expressed the desire to move back to London along with his wife Meghan and family. Interestingly, Harry did not inform Meghan before dialing Prince William and she got very upset about it.


Harry admitted he’d phoned William to call a truce and told his brother he and Meghan would be open to going back to London, where they would serve King Charles,” claimed an insider.

The insider revealed that behind closed doors, Harry is very worried about money and his and Meghan’s future in the US.

“Obviously, Megxit has blown up in their faces. Harry is starting to wonder if they made the right decision leaving England. He’s even suggested to Meghan that they return to London and the royal family,” claimed the insider.

Meanwhile, Prince William was shocked to receive the call from his brother Harry. “William didn’t quite know what to say,” said the insider, noting that he told Harry “he would think about his offer.”


Notably, relationships between the two brothers took a turn for the worse after the release of Harry’s memoir “Spare” in which he claimed that Prince William physically attacked him in 2019 during an argument about Meghan.

Reportedly, the bill for Harry-Meghan’s private security detail amounts to about $2 million a year. Added to that is the cost being incurred by Harry over his legal tussles. The financial issue is causing a worry to the couple.

After the Spotify deal was dropped, Bill Simmons, who is head of Spotify’s international sports content, took a jibe on Harry-Meghan on his own podcast, “’The f**king grifters.’ That’s the podcast we shoulda launched with them. “

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