Big Boss Vette & Sleazyworld Go Join Forces On “How TF”

Eyes have been on Big Boss Vette since her breakthrough hit “Snatched,” which came out in March of this year and has been remixed with features from Flo Milli and Saucy Santana. The single went viral, garnering almost 2 billion views on TikTok and 23.3 million streams.

Now, the St. Louis rapper has teamed up with Sleazyworld Go on “How TF.” On the track, Vette and Sleazyworld take in their new-found success over a woozy beat. Sleazyworld delivers the first verse and chorus, asking, “How the f**k” he’s achieved all the things he’s achieved. Go’s laidback murmur of a verse is contrasted with an energetic Vette, who spits fast and mean throughout the rest of the song’s three minute runtime.

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Vette is currently preparing for the nation-wide “Snatched” Tour, which will kick off in Washington, DC on October 17 and hit seven other cities through the rest of the month.

Check out the new single below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments.
Quotable Lyrics

How the f**k did I just spend 150 on a Benz
How the f**k did I spin your block, let me spin that s**t again
How the f**k did I just meet her and then I f**ked her friend
How the f**k, Did I run up all these M’s from a pen?

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