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Billionaire Accused of Raping Autistic Teenager at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York Residence

According to a complaint filed in Manhattan federal court, billionaire financier Leon Black allegedly raped a 16-year-old autistic girl at Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan residence in 2002.

The woman, using the pseudonym Jane Doe, accused Black of pinning her down and penetrating her with sex toys, which caused her to bleed, Daily Mail reports.

She said Epstein later found her crying but refused to let her see a doctor.


Instead, he allegedly said Ghislaine Maxwell would take care of her.

Black, co-founder and former CEO of Apollo Global Management, said through his attorney the lawsuit was “frivolous.”

Black claims he never met the accuser, per Daily Mail.


Daily Mail reports:

The plaintiff, who is now in her late 30s, is described in the legal complaint as being born with mosaic Down syndrome and having a ‘developmental age’ around 12 years old.

Black’s lawyer Susan Estrich called Doe’s lawsuit frivolous.

‘He never met this woman,’ Estrich told Reuters.

‘He doesn’t know her at all. We’re confident the lawsuit is totally uncorroborated by any evidence. It has nothing to do with Leon Black.’

Estrich told The Messenger that Black believed the case was filed as revenge by the woman’s lawyers, Wigdor, for Black ‘vigorously and successfully defending himself over the past two years.’

Black has filed a motion to impose sanctions against Wigdor in December for filing frivolous claims against the financier on behalf of Epstein’s victims.

Black’s name has been repeatedly tied to Epstein’s.

Black has denied other sexual abuse accusations, including in a dismissed lawsuit by former Russian model Guzel Ganieva, and a lawsuit by Cheri Pierson who also claimed he raped her in Epstein’s home two decades ago.

The Post Millennial provided further details from the lawsuit:

She added that she was supposed to give Black a massage after she stripped naked, however, Black allegedly slammed her onto the massage table. Describing the incident, the filing says, “She tried to scream but Black placed his hand over her mouth and leaned over her while ripping off her shirt and under her skirt pulling her underwear off.”

“Plaintiff was crying and terrified. Black asked her repeatedly what made her ‘Jeffrey’s special girl’ and throughout the assault called her demeaning, shameful, disgusting names,” it continued. “Sadly, Ms. Doe’s experience is one more in a long line of despicable and heinous experiences inflicted on a minor trapped in Jeffrey Epstein’s web – a web that extended to a group of powerful and influential men, including Leon Black.”

The document noted that Epstein refused to take the young girl to the hospital, and said that Ghislaine Maxwell would “take care of her.”

The woman, who is known as “Jane Doe” in the lawsuit, suffers from Mosaic Down Syndrome which makes her the “perfect target” the complaint says. “Developmentally she is about 12, and when she was threatened to do as told because ‘bad girls’ get in ‘trouble,’ she did as she was told,” it says.

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