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Boy Forced Into ‘Roundabout Of Death’ Playground Stunt Left With Serious Head Injuries

There are several challenges that children and teenagers participate in, some that are dangerous.


Most of the challenges that children take part in are done so that they can get their picture on social media pages as they want to be the most popular among their friends.

“Roundabout of Death” is the latest stunt that kids are taking part in, and one mother wants parents to know exactly how it can harm those who participate. This challenge takes place on a school playground.

One person sits in the middle of a merry-go-round.


The back wheel of a motorcycle is used to spin the merry-go-round at a high rate of speed.

Since you’re usually not able to go that fast on the equipment by yourself or with the help of another person, the motorcycle makes it more challenging.

When Tyler Broome, an 11-year-old boy, was playing with his friend at a park, they were pressured to try this stunt.

A group of older teens persuaded Tyler and his friend to do the challenge while recording it so that it could be posted on YouTube.


While on the merry-go-round, Tyler passed out.

Even though he wasn’t moving, the teens continued pushing the equipment because they weren’t paying attention to Tyler.

The teens continued to rev the engine of the motorcycle, making the equipment spin faster and faster for several minutes.

Tyler eventually fell off.


The injuries that Tyler had while on the merry-go-round at such high speeds are similar to those that fighter pilots experience when they experience the significant changes in the force of gravity when they are in the sky.

Tyler was left alone while his brain had fluid and blood collecting around it, causing his brain to swell.

His eyes eventually bulged out, causing him to be unable to see.

Doctors weren’t sure how to treat Tyler.


They knew that they needed to remove the fluid from around his brain as soon as possible.

Tyler’s mother was outraged when she learned about what happened and had a strong message for the teens who caused her son’s injuries.

She is now posting pictures on social media to make others aware of what can happen.

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