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Boy Is Born Without Limbs But Grandma Makes Joke About Him That Shapes His Future

Chris Koch, a boy born without arms or legs, doesn’t let his handicap prohibit him from living his life.


Chris’ parents, two prolific farmers, were certain they’d have to carry on the family legacy given their son’s disability.

What they quickly realized was that Chris seldom trembled in the face of adversity. Chris attributes his zest for life to his grandma.

When Chris was born, his grandmother wasted no time shedding light on an otherwise unfortunate reality.


Upon realizing that her grandson was born limbless, Chris’ grandma turned to Bruce, Chris’ father, and said: “you never did finish anything you started.”

Unfazed by the joke, Bruce welcomed the lightheartedness. Chris’ grandmother carried this same sense of humor with her as Chris grew up.

It was his grandmother who showed him that he could either laugh at his misfortune or sulk over it.

These days, Chris and his family live in Alberta, Canada. When Chris turned nine, he expressed interest in learning how to drive the tractors.


Chris’ parents discovered early on that their son was determined to defy the odds stacked against him. In fact, he even refused to wear his prosthetic arms and legs.

With that said, Chris didn’t feel the need to enhance his natural-born state. Chris continues to display his admirable tenacity while navigating life.

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