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Boy lost both his legs and struggled to get around, ‘then this happened’!

Jill and Wayne told local news outlets that they noticed that their young son, Robbie, had a temperature but no other symptoms, so put him to bed- but at 4.30am the next morning his condition had deteriorated.


They rang an ambulance, and the paramedics began treating Robbie with antibiotics – suspecting meningitis – as soon as they arrived. The boy was left fighting for his life in hospital after contracting meningitis and suffered severe amputations as a result.

The unfortunate boy, Robbie, reportedly lost his legs and part of his fingers due to meningitis. Robbie’s grandmother, Sandra, who joined them at hospital, said: “If he hadn’t been the only child in the ward, I wouldn’t have known it was him. His limbs were going black as if they’d been dipped in hot oil.

It was heart-wrenching.” Robbie had both of his legs and parts of the fingers from both of his hands amputated- but he’s refusing to let that stop him.


The boy’s mother said: “The amputations were necessary to save Robbie’s life and that moment as a parent was the worst thing you can ever experience, but we are over the moon by how far he has come. With the help of his new legs, Robbie can live a normal life. He loves sport, plays football and skateboards. Swimming is his favourite, he is now training with a Paralympic coach.

Many years later, the unfortunate boy has seen his life transformed with a new pair of artificial limbs.

Robbie is a big boy now and his new limbs were fitted by specialists and came complete with stickers of his favourite team, Man Utd. They have seen him join in with PE classes at school, play football and go out on his skateboard. The boy’s mother is thrilled by how quickly he has adapted to his new limbs – and the difference they have made.

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