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Boy Terrified Of The Bathroom After Dad Shows Sick New Use For Towel Rack

In Cleveland, Ohio a 7-year-old boy became strangely afraid of the bathroom after spending an afternoon alone with his stepfather. Terrified to say why, he couldn’t hide what happened for long when the horrific truth finally came out. Now, the dad is going to jail but won’t be there for long enough.


Juan Ordaz-Munoz was watching after his 7-year-old stepson when the boy didn’t realize that he slipped up with how he said one innocent word. When his stepdad heard what he said and how he said it, he used it against the kid in the most horrific way imaginable.

According to, the boy struggled with pronouncing the word “television” correctly, or at least in a way that didn’t sound right to Juan. After demanding that he repeat it and say it right, the little boy tried and still struggled with the word.


That’s when the 25-year-old stepfather flew into a fit of rage and took him to the bathroom where he beat the boy senseless with the towel rack he ripped off of the wall.

The boy’s mother had apparently left her son in her husband’s care again after he had already beat him once before, but perhaps the free childcare was worth risking him being abused again.

This time, it was worse, when he was struck so hard with the rack that he was left with bruises and open wounds on his chest, legs, and buttocks. He wasn’t able to hide it for too long before his mom saw it and called the police.

Juan was arrested on July 27, five days after the beating took place, and he was just arraigned on Tuesday. He’s currently still sitting in jail on $50,000 bond. If his wife comes to bail him out, she should be taken into custody also for aiding and abetting her boy’s abuser.


Juan should have never been given access to this child after the first beating. If the mother knew about it and let him stick around, she’s just as sick as he is. Anything less than a lengthy jail sentence with daily towel rack beatings would be too light of a punishment for this monster.

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